How to unblock Viber?
Unblocking viber with a vpn
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Make Uninterrupted International Calls In UAE With Viber And Magicjack?

Viber is an android application via which you can message, call or share pictures internationally. But, Viber is blocked in UAE.

How to unblock viber in UAE?

Viber can be used in Dubai and other Emirates by masking your real IP address. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a safe and secured way for your internet connection. Through VPN, your IP address can be made invisible and your traffic will be coded.


How to unblock magicjack in UAE?

Through magicjack, people can make limitless phone calls across countries. But, in many countries like Kuwait, UAE, Oman, magicjack facility is blocked. By using Wasel Pro, you can unblock your magicjack facility. Magicjack international rates are different for different countries.

To unblock viber  in UAE internet phone, WaselPro provides support to clients through texting, email, chatting, and remote control. It will guide the customers through disciplinary steps. It will answers to your questions.



What is Viber WiFi?

Viber  WiFi is the newest progress of the Viber series. It is developed by Viber media Inc. You can find numbers of exciting technologies along with various functions to make it the most convenient and the easiest.


Iwasel vpn, the best and secure methode to surf online!

What is an IP phone?

With an IP phone, you can make calls globally via the internet. It will not cost you more for making such calls. Calls are generally made over VOIP communications protocol. VOIP for UAE and in other international countries are generally blocked. However, you can use VOIP from your location very easily by giving a very less amount of money.


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